Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion 411: Dirty Gym Shoes with Dresses

Hi you guys! Soo I am experiencing some issues with people who don't know how to dress! They wear these beautiful dresses and then they wear some dirty, rusty, and ugly shoes to mess up the look. That makes me sooo mad!!! Okay so to fix that do NOT wear those dusted up shoes! Okay BYEEEE!!!
 Oh Yeah What ever you do, If he knocking at the door don't let the devil in!!! LOL

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday Fake?

Hi you guys!So I just got done listening to a song by Rihanna called "Birthday Cake" and I'm just like yay! Rihanna finally made a song that doesn't have any nasty lyrics. So then I listen to the song, and I hear things like "It's Not even my birthday". I'm like, then why would you make a song called birthday cake if it's not your birthday!?!?!?? So then I hear things like "wanna make you my (female dog)". I'm just trying to figure out, If this song is called birthday cake, then why would you say that word. You know how birthday cakes are so colorful and pretty. Well Rihanna is painting a very vivid picture with those nasty lyrics! I honestly think that Chris Brown had something to do with it. Do you remember the incident in 2009. Chris Brown must have punched her in her common sense area of the brain!!!!! Well that's it!! See ya L8er XOXOXO

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can't Stand Her!!!!

Hi you guys another thing that was on my mind was that mind was that this girl named Lisa (protecting someones identity) comes up to my sister and calls her "Ugly Deadhead". First of all Lisa you have NO right to walk around and call someone ugly. Plus my sister's hair is way longer than your "so called" relaxed hair. Her hair is so short she can't even put it in a ponytail! Second of all she can't talk about anybody being ugly. She is uglier than a Naked Mole Rat and a Sloth mixed together! So that's it for know. If you were in this situation, what would you do?

Leave Response in the comment section. Please???? Ookay.

See ya soon!!! XOXOXO

Relaxer- A liquid straightener for course hair.

Birthday Bust o.O

Birthday Bust
 Nobody cares about me and what I think. I have feelings you know. How would you feel if your parents left you on your 11th birthday with GRANDMA. Double *YAWN*. And then she yells at you for NO reason. Everybody else goes somewhere exciting for their birthday. But I'm stuck at the CHILDREN'S MUSEUM?!???!!!! Seriously. If you were 11 where would go for your 11th birthday.

Leave Responses in the comment section! Please? Okay fine then, I'll talk to someone who actually cares. Just kidding!!

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